Drone FPV Aerial Shooting

Skill and speed for a new shooting style

CINEFLY is proud to present you, as first one in Italy, the new FPV Aerial Shooting service that goes to add it self together with normal UAV Aerial Service and helicopter. 

A new aggressive style, suited to action, spectacular and fast movements for both outdoor and indoor shooting into tight spaces and with artificial and natural obstacles. 

Our racer pilot skills, which are from the official circuit or The Drone Champions League, give us the possibilities to shoot aerial before impossible with standard UAV. 

Fast chase, extreme trajectory, squeeze between tight spaces, stunts and breathtaking maneuvers give opportunity to execute new kind of videos outside of what has been see up until now.  

FPV Aerial Shooting is done in exclusive cooperation with Mirko Cesena, Offical pilot of The Drone Champions League and World Champion of 3D Helicopter.